The new Hunting 5 embodies all the benefits that are brought about through decades-long experience and manufacturing of the highest quality. Based on the same system as the LGB1 Biathlon rifle which has proven to be robust and reliable. The new HUNTING 5 embodies, like all air rifles, the benefits that are brought about through decades-long experience and manufacturing of highest quality compressed air weapons, using high end materials. The magazine allows five quick shots in aiming position and gives maximum safety, as the pellet is fired directly from the magazine. With a removed magazine, no pellet remains in the breech.

• Bounce free system

• Simple loading, pellet direct from the magazine

• Maximum safety. No projectile/diabolo remains in• the weapon after the magazine is removed

• 650 mm barrel for maximum performance and

• longer compressed air cylinder for higher capacity

• Several options: Depending upon calibre (.177/.20/.22)

• available with an energy up to 40 joule


The Steyr LP 10 is a single shot 4.5 mm (0.177 in) calibre pre-charged pneumatic air pistol. Steyr LP10 is a PCP air pistol.

The pistol must also be able to be tailored by adjustable user interfaces and various accessories to individual shooters personal preferences. Combined with appropriate match pellets the pistol has to produce a consistent 10 ring performance.

Shooters from all over the world have been fascinated by the air pistol LP 10 by STEYR for many years. No other sport weapon has won that many medals at Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups or European Championships. Hundreds of international titles prove the shooters’ trust in our technology and quality.

To promote comfortable and accurate shooting from a standing position match air pistols must have fast lock times, shoot practically recoilless and vibration free and exhibit minimal movement and balance shifts during discharge.

It has a pre compressed air chamber (a mini SCUBA tank) attached to the gun, which is used to propel the lead pellets to the target. The LP10 is not just and air pistol. It is an engineering work of art.


The Steyr LP 10 is a single shot 4.5 mm (0.177 in) calibre pre-charged pneumatic air pistol designed for the 10 metre air pistol ISSF shooting events. It is manufactured by Steyr Sportwaffen GmbH.

The basis of the air pistol range offers all the features of the appreciated, preeminent quality of STEYR: nickel-plated barrels, anodized surfaces and a legendary precision!

 Power: compressed air

  Caliber: 4.5mm/.177

  Length/Height/Width: 400 / 148 / 50mm

 Weight: 968g (without barrel weights)

 Sight radius: adjustable from 316 – 365mm

 Front sight: moveable front sight, width 4.5mm

 Rear sight: rear sight width adjustable from 2-7mm. Notch depth infinately variable

 Trigger weight: 500g (corresp. to ISSF shooting rules). Length, overtravel and first and second stage can all be adjusted individually

 Trigger blade: adjustable in all directions

The shot stabilizer is made from a heavy specific gravity metal that absorbs the movement on the recoil. Three ports in the barrel support the effect of the stabilizing system

Every aspect of trigger pull can be individually adjusted – from the first stage length to the trigger-stop, allowing you to get the perfect trigger of your dreams.

The sight radius can be adjusted infinitely between 316-365mm. While a longer sight radius can give a more precise aim, this only applies to shooters with a very solid hold.