Steyr LG 110 Running Target

Steyr’s side cocking system is suitable for disciplines where a scope is mounted to the air rifle – like the popular competition “Running Target”. Extensive tests have found this to be very good. STEYR SPORTWAFFEN by introducing the left-hand cocking system really “meets” the requirements of all right-hand shooters.

These differences are what give you more 10′s:

2 x 100 g barrel weights on the elongated.

Barrel case (+ 10 cm) stabilize the rifle.

Fore arm adjustable far to the front.

Left-hand cocking for simple loading, also with mounted sights.

Revolutionary lateral stock adjustment.

Vibration-free system.

Maintenance-free STEYR stabilizer eliminates recoil.

Dry fire training shots without any tools.

Multidirectional adjustment of the grip.

Infinitely adjustable trimmer on the butt plate.

Single or two stage ball bearing trigger adjusted within seconds.

Comes complete with weights for the barrel and stock.