The new Hunting 5 embodies all the benefits that are brought about through decades-long experience and manufacturing of the highest quality. Based on the same system as the LGB1 Biathlon rifle which has proven to be robust and reliable. The new HUNTING 5 embodies, like all air rifles, the benefits that are brought about through decades-long experience and manufacturing of highest quality compressed air weapons, using high end materials. The magazine allows five quick shots in aiming position and gives maximum safety, as the pellet is fired directly from the magazine. With a removed magazine, no pellet remains in the breech.

• Bounce free system

• Simple loading, pellet direct from the magazine

• Maximum safety. No projectile/diabolo remains in• the weapon after the magazine is removed

• 650 mm barrel for maximum performance and

• longer compressed air cylinder for higher capacity

• Several options: Depending upon calibre (.177/.20/.22)

• available with an energy up to 40 joule


Steyr air pistols produced by STEYR SPORTWAFFEN have been developed by experienced shooters throughout the years, in close cooperation with the top range of shooters in these disciplines – and with millions of shots downrange it has turned out to be what it is now.

Our guns are mainly conceived and created for target shooters, although also lots of passionate hunters are counted among our customers, especially in the range of the
LG 110 HighPower.

The Steyr LP 10 is a single shot 4.5 mm (0.177 in) calibre pre-charged pneumatic air pistol designed for the 10 metre air pistol ISSF shooting events.

The air for actual shooting is drawn from the compressed-air storage cylinder and reduced by a reduction valve to the steyr pistols working pressure of about 55 bar. According to Steyr air pistol their compressed-air cylinders have a storage capacity for about 180 shots.

Steyr – Perfect for all class shooters

Steyr Air rifles and Air pistols have been produced in close co-operation with experienced shooters. A huge research is involved behind these products by top range shooters in this discipline. It has involved millions of shots downrange has turned it into what it is now “A class of its own”!

Though lots of passionate hunters are counted among our customers, especially in the range of the LG 110 High Power; Steyr’s Guns are mainly created for target shooters. So we serve both the class of shooters ie. Target shooters as well as Hunters.

Steyr have given outstanding results of the international STEYR top shooters. In World Championships 2010 in Munich the aim for STEYR Sportwaffen GmbH was high – to defend the title of world champion in the disciplines air pistol men and air pistol women.

At Present most of the olympic and world champions in Olympic air pistol disciplines use STEYR!

Air Pistol

Steyr is now in India with different models of Air Pistol; available for online sale.

Steyr have a huge range of Air Pistols perfect for shooters at any level and hence it is most preferred. It is well known for high accuracy and smooth functioning. Its grips are highly adjustable which ensures most accurate and top results in shooting competition. In Olympic Games-2008; most of the medals had been won with Steyr Air Pistols. In other shooting competitions also our match air Pistols have remarkable performance. The Steyr Air Pistol is an excellent choice for shooting competition, as it has all the features to be very effective.

This site is online shop for different model of air pistol made by steyr. One can buy a match air pistol of respective models online. When one buy match air pistol from steyr he will receive high quality product.

The models are available with reasonable price for online sale. We offer several models with related accessories with specific price for every level shooter. Our product will ensure success in the shooting competitions.

In India, shooting sport is being recognized and is encouraging young shooters to take part in shooting competitions. Hence steyr is here to help the emerging shooters of India to prove themselves in shooting competitions.