Steyr air pistol is made of absolute world class technology, provides several advantages which make them the best pistol in the world. The pistol has following advantages:

1.     Adjustable Trigger

The axle runs considerably smoother than a conventional pivot, due to dust free, sealed ball bearing. First stage travel and  trigger pull force become perceptively smoother, also there is virtually no lateral play.

2.      Dry fire shot facility

One can activate the dry firing device at anytime and for that no any tool is required. Just leave the bolt open or even it can be opened on an already loaded weapon and then one can dry fire. For maximum safety a shot is only possible when the bolt is fully closed.

3.      Adjustable front sight and rear sight

The rear sight notch can be opened to a maximum width of 6 mm. Depth adjustment of the rear notch is also possible. The front sight can be mounted in three positions.

4.      STEYR Stabilizer

A heavy metal rod with a high specific gravity eliminates recoil on every shot without any readjustment irrespective of the weight of the pellet

5.      Multifunctional grip adjustment

The pistol grip must fit perfectly for top results. The grip adjustment method is very simple and easy.

6.      High quality finish

The reliable workmanship on the surface of STEYR weapon is unique. All aluminum parts are anodized and therefore corrosion free, just like fully nickel plated high precision barrels.

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