The perfect training pistol for all semi-auto pistol disciplines is a five shot air pistol, based on the LP5 i.e. it has been developed from Steyr LP 5. Due to its smoother performance it is ideal competition weapon in any air pistol discipline.

Its distinguishing features are as follows:

  • Its  sight base can be adjusted from 307mm to 360mm, and  rear notch can be adjusted between 2 and 7mm in width, and for depth.
  • The trigger can be adjusted from 200g to 600g. An additional trigger is available which ranges from 400g to 1400g.
  • Three barrel vents steady the weapon additionally when shot is released
  • Maximum safety: shots only possible with magazine inserted
  • Eight different grips available which can be adjusted in all directions, and comes in a variety of sizes (XS, S, M, L & XL for a right handed shooter, S, M & L for left handed shooters).
  • Compressed air cylinders with German WIKA quality pressure gauge

It comes complete with a plastic case, two 5-shot magazines, a spare cylinder, a tool kit for adjusting the pistols multitude of screws and settings.

The finish on all of the metal components is absolutely flawless. Everything is in a matt black non distracting finish. Except the air cylinders which comes in black, gold and silver.

The air cylinders are self contained and have an inbuilt valve to keep the air in place when removed from the pistol or pump. The end of the cylinder is fitted with an easy to read gauge showing the useable pressure range in green. Overcharging the cylinder is not recommended as it will put undue strain on the rest of the guns valving components. The cylinder screws onto the nipple on the pistol underneath the barrel. This is fitted with an O-ring to seal and should be lubricated now and then with only silicone based grease.


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