Throughout the years air rifles and air pistols from the manufacturer STEYR Sport have set high standards all over the world. Its innovative design, functionality and incomparable low cost of use make it an ideal training tool.

Steyr LP-2 is a lower specification air pistol than the LP10; this model features the same trigger and grip and comes complete with a plastic case, tools and filling adaptor. The available cylinder color is silver, blue or gold cylinder. Its sight base can be adjusted between 311 and 335mm.

Shooters around the world have flocked to the Steyr for this reason as its trigger system is one of the most advanced systems. Every aspect of trigger pull can be individually adjusted – from the first stage length to the trigger-stop.  The grip can be turned on the action in all directions. No cutting, filing, or grinding is required on the frame to get that perfect grip position.                                                                                                                              

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