LP10 : The most popular & successful

The Steyr LP 10 is a single shot 4.5 mm (0.177 in) caliber per-charged pneumatic air pistol designed for the 10 meter air pistol ISSF shooting events. It is manufactured by Steyr pistol Sportwaffen of India.

The Steyr pistol uses dehumidified compressed air as propellant for the diabolo air gun pellets. This is stored in compressed-air cylinders that have a maximum filling pressure of 200 bars and built in pressure gauges that indicate the current pressure level in the cylinder.

The air for actual shooting is drawn from the compressed-air storage cylinder and reduced by a reduction valve to the Steyr pistols working pressure of about 55 bar. Compressed-air cylinders of Steyr air pistol have a storage capacity for about 180 shots.

Pre-charged pneumatic air guns are usually filled by decanting from an air reservoir, such as or by charging directly with a hand pump. Because of the need for cylinders or charging systems, PCP guns have higher initial costs but very low operating costs compared to guns.

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