The Electronic Rifle of a New Generation!




  • Redesigned Loading area for better access.
  • Knurled screw for fine adjustment of the cheek piece in the aiming position.
  • Cheek piece for soft-touch coating.
  • External Velocity adjustment.
  • Revolutionary Air Rifle technology.

The new STEYR CHALLENGE is actually a major challenger to the premium air rifles in shooting world. Equipped with an electronic trigger and multifunctional adjustments the rifle just complements the shooter perfectly. It portrays the new generation of the STEYR LG 110, in fact it is an evolution of STEYR LG 110.

The original STEYR LG110 match air rifle was used by Thomas Farnik to create a new World Record in the Olympic Final. STEYR SPORT added the electronic trigger to the LP10 with an impressive World Cup victory on its first launch, all the knowledge acquired from this is now featured in the STEYR CHALLENGE to make it the new star in the shooting arena. The STEYR CHALLENGE is also available with the proven mechanical trigger.”

Olympic Sports Shooting Pistols

Sporting shooting has been become the craze among the entire young generation who are looking at Gagan narang, Abhinav Bindra as their role models. Steyr LP 10 has always been the choice of champions in Olympics sport shooting as well as International Pistol shooting. website is one stop shop for all top gun shooting sports in India. For sport pistol shooting we cater all kind of requirements.

Our guns are well known for giving high performance in world Olympics. Several gun clubs and associations are offering several opportunities to young shooters to take part in these shooting sports.

In India there is numerous opportunities for young shooters interested in sport pistol shooting. In Olympic sports, shooting is very popular among Indians as Gagan Narang, Abhinav Bindra and others emerged as inspiring icon.

Overall remains top source for buying 0.177 Air Pistols for target practice.

Shooting Sport In India

Now a day’s in India shooting sport is being recognized and is encouraging young shooters to take part in shooting competitions. Hence steyr is here to help Indian shooters to find air gun, air pistol of their choice with reasonable price. Our youths can enhance their skills with practices on the air gun and air pistols made by steyr.

Steyr have given excellent performance in different shooting competitions and have won medals. For example; With Steyr LP10; Jin Jong-oh of South Korea has made world record of 594 shot in 2009 olympics. It has also given excellent performance in different shooting completions like summer Olympic 2004, 2008, ISSF world shooting championships, ISSF World Cup etc.

In India history of shooting sport resides 50 years back. But it was limited to royal families. It got its acceptance when Maharaja ofBikaner, Karni Singh won silver medal in world championship in 1962.

Advent of National rifle association led shooting being recognized as a sport inIndia. As time moved Indian shooters marked their presence in various shooting championships. In 1998 commonwealth games Indian shooters gave their best performance as they won seven medals.

Our legendry shooters like Major Rajwardhan Rathore, Abhinav Bindra and now Gagan Narang have takenIndiato a new height. Tremendous performances by these legendaries are encouraging our young shooting aspirants to take part in shooting competitions.